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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bike Incidents

To the woman who let me cross Beacon this morning, I thank you. She was turning down the street I was going to be going down, but she didn't have to stop. Thanks, black SUV!

To the girl not looking while walking across Comm during a green light yesterday, well, sorry I scared you but you should have been looking -- it's not like I came out of nowhere, and you didn't have the light, I did. I'm sure she told all her friends "oh, a bike almost hit me this morning!" But c'mon, you were crossing against the light and not paying attention. And I was in control of things -- I saw you, and I saw that you weren't paying attention, and I knew I had enough space.

That's all for today's update on commuting via bike. I had nice rides the last couple days. Muy bueno.


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