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Monday, March 31, 2008

Damn You, Mike's

I love Mike's. It's the best diner I've been to in this city, and while I make better pancakes than any of the places I've been, Mike's has that je ne sais quoi. And by that, I mean, they have the greatest home fries in town. And I am a home fries connoisseur, so believe me, I know my home fries. The only place that could have competed with Mike's was Green Street, pre-makeover, with its old latin brunch and amazing, greasy, pepper-and-onion-laden home fries. And a friendly face at the bar, but that's another story.

So while I love Mike's and am happy to spread the word of its greatness, on the other hand, it's impossible to get in there if I arrive after, say, ten or so.

It's a maddening effect of it being awesome, but also, a crowded diner is a happy diner. So I can't complain too much, and those days when I just can't get out of bed before 10, well, I guess I'll go somewhere else.

But oh, those home fries ...


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