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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Short Skirt Is Not An Invitation to Rape Me, Thanks

If you're the kind of guy (or girl) who thinks that women deserve to get harassed or raped or groped because they are wearing a miniskirt, this article should make you think again. Because seriously, you will sound like these guys.

"If you are wearing a miniskirt, you give the impression you want to be raped," Nhlapho added.

"As a person you have to control your feelings. It is difficult when women are naked. That's how some men end up raping women."

That's great. Do you have so little self-control that you HAVE TO rape a girl who is naked? Really? And people say that feminists paint men in an unfavorable light. Nope, you guys are doing that yourself when you say things like this.

Kudos to the women of Johannesburg who marched. It's time to stop thinking women "deserve what's coming to them" over clothing choice or being out late at night. Holla back, Boston.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A short skirt is definitely an invitation for sexual thoughts but in no way, shape or form should it evoke thoughts about rape. Whoever said that should be locked up as a preemptive measure. When women wear clothing that exposes their bodies they ARE promoting men to look at them and hopefully the guys would be respectful about it. Sometimes they aren't. While I can say I really appreciate the female body, I can also say I have never once made a cat call, fondled anyone or put anyone in a position to feel embarrassed or threatened.

A fair question to raise here though, is where do women draw the line? They where those outfits for a reason, they want to feel comfortable that people are looking at them, they want attention (I'm hate to suggest this but if it's a matter of comfort why don't they wear mesh shorts?). Sometimes irresponsible Men take it too far. But it's fair to ask, who are these women trying to impress with those outfits? I am not condoning Cat Calling, but if people are going to generalize that men are pigs then it just as fair to say that women are sluts.

It's sad that we can't live in a world where everyone is beautiful, wears close to nothing and is respectful about. But for as many Jay and Silent Bob's out there, there are an equal amount of Paris Hiltons and Lohan's

3:48 PM  
Blogger BR said...

Why did I wear skirts all through college, despite being a virgin? Why do I wear them now, despite the fact that I have a serious boyfriend? Because I like them, they make me feel like I look good, and frankly I hate pants and avoid them whenever possible. What is the magic line? It doesn't matter what you wear; the point is that no one is asking to be victimized. Men aren't pigs and women aren't sluts. Men are socialized to make cat calls at women, and I think they think it's mostly harmless or just another way to show off the old masculinity, but I don't think anybody who does it realizes how threatening it is, especially when it comes from a group and I'm alone -- or when you're young and the males who are harassing you are significantly older.

Besides all this, it happens that I get catcalled just as often while coming home from the gym or wearing sweatpants the morning after tying one on. It's not always about clothes. I had a guy across the MTA masturbate while looking at me at 7am, coming back from a friend's house and wearing jeans and a long coat.

//who are these women trying to impress with those outfits?//

Someone. Perhaps each other, perhaps their boyfriend or some guy they like, or maybe they just want to find someone they want to fuck, straight up, no chaser. But it doesn't mean they want to fuck everyone, or that such an outfit should be taken as such.

Anyway, I appreciate most of your points, so thanks for commenting. I'm just trying to make the point that clothes, while sometimes unfortunately intertwined with certain statements about one's self, don't invariably invite anything.

8:42 AM  

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