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Thursday, September 06, 2007

I Like Construction Guys

There's that old stereotype of wolf whistles and come-ons that seem to radiate from construction sites, but can I just tell you that I think it's crap? Construction guys are nice! I've had them help me move mattresses, drive me to a bar (okay, that was stupid, but the Verizon guy was actually pretty nice, if slightly creepy in retrospect), and help with other random things. Yeah, when I walk by them they sometimes give me a look, but so what, I look great in a skirt. I can't even remember the last time I've walked past a job site and felt creeped out; I honestly don't think it's happened to me. I'm told good morning and nodded at nicely.

You want to know who the real assholes are? The suits. The dudes I've met at Vox or Saint or whatever bars that friends have dragged me to over the years (I would say they suck, but then, I like the Tam, so I guess I'll be nice and let my lack of objectivity on the topic not dissolve into anti-club rants today) ... those guys are the real assholes. The annoying fuckerswho grind girls' asses on the dancefloor? Dude, they work in offices, not in backhoes.

Now, not every dude living the Cube Life is an asshat, of course, but the assholiness of the suits I've dealt with at bars, telling me to "smile" or thinking they're obliged to get in my pants because they're willing to lay down $8 for a drink (this is why I don't accept drinks from random dudes) or whatever ... it's just more of the "I'm entitled" crap, and it sucks.

So keep on keeping on, men working on the corner of Stuart and Clarendon. You guys are cool, courteous, and rock the orange vests and be-stickered helmets like no one else.


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