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Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I am on the train last night, and it's pretty packed. Annoying, but I manage to get on and snag a little room for myself in the doorway area. By the time we were three stops from home I'd been moved in by force and necessity, and was standing facing a woman who was reading a print out on normal 8 1/2 by 11 paper --it was one of the old trains, so she and some guy were standing in that well between the single seats with their backs to the window. Two stops from home and I realize that there's probably enough room for me to squeeze in on the other end of the well, next to the guy who also looks to be reading a printed sheet of paper, although his is somewhat folded and worn.

Well, I moved in, and I realized the guy wasn't reading but was staring quite intently at a well folded and refolded piece of paper that had a printed picture of a teenaged black girl in a cute top with one sleeve, capri jeans, and sneakers. He wasn't reading, he was just looking at it. And it looked like it had gotten a LOT of use -- the fold lines were well worn and it almost looked like it could have gone through the dryer or something.

The fact of the middle aged (or more), balding, bespectacled white guy who had been staring at the picture for at least five stops was funny or disturbing, or maybe both in equal measure. I started to laugh out of discomfort and the obviously bizarre occurence while attempting to read Media Farm and the Bean Counter in the Dig, and noticed as a taller gentleman directly in front of Weird Dude caught a glimpse of the photo and raised an eyebrow. I tried to catch his eye and make an "alarmed/WTF" face but no dice as I had to get off the train.

I'm just saying, if some teenaged girl gets kidnapped soon, the guy who did it was clearly on the C Line with me the other night. Yikes.


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