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Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm Allergic To BU Undergrads

My nose is runny and my eyes sort of puffy/tired in that way they can get. I think I'm allergic to BU students. Well, with the exception of the grad student there that I dated last year. But he knew how to negotiate crosswalks appropriately, so he had that going for him.

Seriously, I drove just down to Packard's Corner and literally anytime I had to stop for a red light, kids (and their parents!) would be jumping into traffic during the walk signs, sure, appropriate ... but not looking/stopping/etc. when the BIG ORANGE HAND stopped flashing and became solid.

My bad, driving out in the sea of red-shirted humanity, but still. I mean, when I was an undergrad in Ann Arbor I crossed streets rather cavalierly, but A-deuce is a sleepy midwestern suburb (albeit a fun one); Boston is a major city, and Comm Ave. is five lanes and two train tracks.



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