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Friday, September 03, 2010

Frotterage at Haymarket! Or something along those lines.

Some old man in running shorts rubbed up against me while I was paying for some squash at Haymarket. I didn't realize what was happening until I was picking up my produce and said "EXCUSE ME" very loudly while pushing my way out of there. No, it was not crowded. Yes, it was raining and the stand was under a tent, but I was the only person at the stand then. Anyway, if you see some nasty old guy rubbing his penis against people at Haymarket ever, please kick him in the junk on my behalf. Thanks. I almost didn't come back to work after, I was so disgusted. Ugh.


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Blogger sreedhav said...

I am from India and a doc to boot.I confess that i have enjoyed all your posts,short and to the point,though at times i feel i am not in sync' with the American lingo! I feel you are justified in your outrage at the oldies behaviour. It is unjust for others to bundle all Bostonians as serious and unable to laugh at themselves--- Sreedhav

8:08 PM  
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