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Monday, April 14, 2008

Dumb Lawsuits

What exactly are the Yankees going to sue this guy for? Trying to curse them? Them being so stupid that they dug up a bunch of fucking concrete because some guy tried to curse them? Come on.

This guy should've sat on his revelation until the Evil Empire was playing in the new stadium, methinks. I'm all for cursing the hated team, after all. And not so into having them sue Fenway Faithful in what would, quite possibly, be the stupidest and most frivolous law suit ever. I'm sure all the morons calling for "tort reform"* aren't going to say anything about this, if it happens.

*Yes, I don't believe in "tort reform." I'm all for class action suits and big corporations that don't give a shit about humans having the pants sued off them when they dump shit in water supply, put out dangerous products, or do those millions of other things that fuck with the everyday people in this country. Tort reform is just a buzzword like "pro-life," which really means "pro-forced-pregnancy" at the end of the day, and tort reform just means "making it safe for big companies to screw over everyone again!"


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