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Friday, June 06, 2008

Thanks MBTA!

This isn't a rant, but a sincere thank you. One of the T workers (I honestly would've reported it earlier, but things sort of got crazy around here with my impending move) from the Hynes T stop deserves major kudos. I mean, I totally should have called the T and asked to recommend her for a prize. Seriously.

It all started at a bar. It usually does. After the bar I decided to T out to my boyfriend's place, and that's where the party starts ... I didn't have my license on me, but had brought my passport out to the bar. Well, one morning, two days later, I got a message from my mom. Long story short, this wonderful T worker had called my mom's cell phone number, which was in my passport, because she'd found it in the station. That was ... wow. I mean, seriously. Saved me a LOT of heartache and $90, among other things. So thanks, ma'am. Thanks, T. Thank you for making me smile and believe again!


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