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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Perfect Storm of T Horror

The T in the morning ... yeah, it's gonna be packed. I don't care where you're going from or coming to, if it's between 8 and 9, it's most likely going to be somewhat crowded. Feeling like breakfast this AM, I donned my devil horns and headed into work via the Green Line. Hark, is that a one car train! Alas, I shall get on! And I did. Since it was crowded, it was free!

Well, mistake. There was a big group of kids with some teachers, some of which were roughhousing and, of course, bumping into people. There was the gross guy who took off his sweatshirt in the crowd, which caused his gross gut (which was well-overhanging his pants) to be exposed when his T-shirt rode halfway up his torso. He also coughed into his hand and then grabbed the rail with the same hand. This is why I have taken to balancing. Then we had some Italian tourists pile on, not grab anything to hold, and promptly fall into everyone once the train took off. Unsurprisingly, they also did not get out of the way at the subsequent stops. I was not shocked at all, nor was I when they continued to fall into me whenever the train jerked a bit, which, being the Green Line, was often.

I was quite relieved to exit the crap out of that one-car train.

I was also the only person on the train dressed up, and I only had devil horns on. Oh well. Happy Halloween!


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