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Friday, February 19, 2010


Some rando orangehead on yelp just called me a "stupid bitch" for calling someplace in "ghetto." While ghetto is a word that I have been trying to use less as I'm not sure of its implications, the fact is the place is a little grimy. Not to mention that the sentiment is echoed in other, earlier reviews and that I gave it four stars ... plus the review is from like 3 years ago anyway! So apparently it's "typical of Brookline shit" or something. He'll get flagged off shortly but I think it's hilarious because, dude, my profile says my hometown, which is NOT Brookline (or MA, by the way), plus I have lived all over the Boston area at this point, anyway, in apartments of varying niceness (and newness).

Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what I think of the word ghetto. In this case I picked it up from the roommate who always took me there in his car lo these 7 years.

I hate the basic human mentality of 30 compliments but one criticism (or troll, in this case) and then you dwell on the 1 instead of the 30.

Oh well.

Happy weekend, Ranters.


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