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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So Many People In My Neighborhood

I'm learning, more and more, that certain neighborhoods are rife with a lot more of certain types of people. Sure, obviously there are certain neighborhoods that are home to various ethnic enclaves as well, but there are also neighborhoods filled with guys, couples, and single girls in their mid- to late twenties. I'll brizzeak it down for you, possibly even alphabetically.

Allston - BU students
Brighton - BC students and guys who went to BC/BU and still live with three of their buddies from college even though all of them have jobs downtown and make enough to live alone.
Brookline - girls in their mid- to late twenties
Jamaica Plain - girls who like girls
South End - boys who like boys, retards who think having a golden retriever (or other large breed dog) in a tiny apartment is a good idea.
Southie - COUPLES. COUPLES EVERYWHERE, walking their dogs and oh my God, so many couples.
Symphony - students who live in one bedrooms that somehow get modified into two bedrooms and thus lack living rooms.
West Roxbury - people who have family, want to start families, or used to have families.

Now, these are just the neighborhoods I've sort of been into and around, and so I've found these things to generally be the case. sure, there are always exceptions, like maybe not every guy in Boston lives in Brighton, but explain how I haven't been hit on in ages and then I go to the White Horse (with a guy friend in tow, no less), and I am like a bunny in a room full of wolves. Strange, that.

Anyway, that is my story, and I'm sticking to it. Feel free to contribute or contradict. I'm interested to see if my instincts are correct, or at least shared!


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