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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Have To Take A Dump

Okay, so this story in today's Globe caught my eye ...

Some worried that Boston Harbor would be unable to accommodate the 7,000 boats registered in harbor communities and the many outside vessels docking in the area. The harbor has about 26 public and private dockside sewage pumping stations, including 13 in Boston. About a half-dozen pump boats travel the harbor to unload sewage from vessels and ferry it to dockside pumping stations. The services are free, but some worry that the wait for service could be long.

Um ... dude, seriously? I grew up on a sailboat, and where I lived, no effing way you could just dump all your, well, shit into the water. The Great Lakes don't play that way. So I'm actually rather horrified to know that this has been going along at all, let alone that there's any tiny bit of resistance to banning it!

For cripes sake, it's not even FREE on the Lakes? You have to pay about $15 or so to get one, and seriously, people are complaining about it being harder to get free ones? That, my friends, is ridiculous. You *should* pay to pump out your boat, just like you pay taxes to process your damn waste on land.

Anyway, I hope the dumping ban happens soon, and that these fools, you know, have to actually pay for their pumpouts, too! Ridiculous.


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