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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Randomnity Round Up

Things I've been meaning to post about:

-Homeless Belichik aka Vagrantchik. I don't know if he's actually homeless, but I keep seeing him around NEMC, and calling him that is funnier than "possible hospital worker Belichik."

-One day earlier this year, I saw THREE albino people in one day. All of different ethnicities. There's nothing wrong with being pale or having light hair, don't get me wrong, the frequency just seemed abnormally high.

-There is this blind guy who I see almost every morning crossing a street near work. He is really slow and sometimes I am worried that some Masshole driver is going to take him out or something. One time I was in Dunkin Donuts picking up a little breakfast sandwich (egg on multigrain), and there was this guy in there, just gave me a bad vibe. I don't know why. But I go outside with my breakyfast, and he's helping the blind guy across the street. I felt bad for judging him based on nothing and felt humbled by his kindness.

-The other night after I parked my boyfriend's car and was walking back near Club Café after it let out, I passed a group of men who had just come out of the bar. One of them complimented my purse. It was random and made my night.

-Guerrilla Queer Bar is super fun. Seriously. For everyone.

-Dear everyone in the world, stop using that phone number trick where you're like "Oh, thanks for your number, now I'll call your phone so you have mine!" It makes giving a fake number so much harder, and let's face it, if you're one of those people, you probably deserve the fake number because you cannot take a fucking hint. This hasn't happened to me recently, but it happened to my friend, and we hate it. Everyone hates it. Stop doing it. Seriously. Ladies, don't accept it. Say, "give me your number" and head him off! Or guys. Whatever. Don't fall for this ruse!

-I love Boston in the springtime. Except when springtime feels like August. Or February. So yeah, the heatwave sort of sucks.

-If you saw a girl running around the South End in a Wings jersey last week, holding a tiny Stanley Cup above her head and yelling, that was me. (Also, if I was from Boston and moved and stopped rooting for my hometown teams, you'd kick my ass, so don't be shocked that I haven't given up on my childhood teams, okay?)

-I discovered that the Won Ton Wrappers from Super 88 make a DELECTABLE lasagna. And you don't have to cook them first! So good! Also, my tofu ricotta can't be beat.

-Get out to Crane Beach now, before greenhead season. And do yourself a favor and get there early and leave early -- you'll get the nicest time of day, most likely, and it will be way easier to park. Don't forget your $22 parking fee and several friends to split it with!

-I figured out a sneaky place to hang out while you're waiting for someone's baggage to get claimed at the airport. Seriously, it's brilliant. Head out of the airport towards the Sumner, but don't get into the tunnel. Take a left on Havre or whatever the street is right there, then on Meridian, and park on Chelsea. Watch the tunnel traffic when you get back on 1-A, but seriously, it works well, especially when the Staties are out in force, telling you not to park and wait. My parents do a similar routine at a hotel across 94 from Detroit Metro. PS - Spirit, you suck for getting in at 11:55 and then not getting bags out until 12:50.

-Medford is actually pretty nice. Not that I thought it was a hole, I just didn't know is all.

-Chex Bold Party Mix is way better than the regular. There are more chex and less bland pretzels. Plus the pretzels that are there taste way better. I don't know why that is or what it has to do with Boston, but oh well.

That's all for Randomnity. Pride is this weekend so grab your best rainbow flag and check out the parade! It's a great time.


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