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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Turkey Time

I was biking down Kent to meet a friend when I saw two turkeys chasing this guy down the street at the Longwood light.


He was sort of shouting at them in hopes that they'd leave him alone. It wasn't working.

So I decided to jump the curb and try to scare them away with my bike/some weird noises I apparently use as my catch-all "scare wild animals away" noise. No dice, although they did back off him a wee bit. Luckily, a friendly man coming from Trader Joe's with a big bag of foodstuffs. He threw some cheese crackers at the turkeys, which they happily devoured.

Sated (I was surprised they didn't follow the guy that fed them, actually), they proceeded to saunter into the middle of the intersection, and then continued their merry way south on Kent Street. Au revoir, turkeys! God speed!

Up close, they are actually pretty impressive birds. I don't think I'd seen a wild turkey before, just a couple farm ones when I was a kid, so it was sort of a neat adventure for the day.


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