Bostonia Rantida

Sunday, December 06, 2009


Man, it finally hit what it's supposed to feel like at this time of year. I knew those breezy 50s high days were way too good to be true, unfortunately.

I just hope it doesn't snow like last year ... man. At least this year I won't be driving in that snow back to my parents' house, 650 miles away, with someone I kind of have started to dislike. Ah, nothing like the holidays and looooong car trips to exacerbate relationship problems!

But, I digress. I'll be flying out this year, and I'll only be there shortly, so I will be getting a whole week to myself once I get home. Boston during the day for a whole week ... can't wait!

Ice skating, cold weather walks on the beach, hot cocoa, clear winter skies full of stars, Irish coffee ... yes.

Boston winter, here I come.


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