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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Airport T Station Issues

So, the improvements at the Airport T station are many ... I don't have to lug my suitcase OVER one of the turnstiles anymore, and the station, while cold in the winter, is nice and airy and clean-looking.

But here's my thought ... why doesn't Airport station have automatic doors at ALL its exits? You know, the kind that open with a sensor? There are just so many people going through there have bags and suitcases, and while, like I said, the gates are an improvement over turnstiles (for this station at least), I still have to shove my way through the unwieldy doors. Which, I'm not sure, but I think are hinged (oh-so-inconveniently) not on the ends, but somewhere in the middle of the door, which basically sucks.

I demand automatic doors, Airport T!


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