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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Life is Crap

Like many people, I like to overanalyze the things that annoy me. So here goes.

If you've hung out with me, chances are I've spewed some vitriol at the "Life is Good" brand at one time or the other. I can't help it. I know it's a "local boys made good" story, and e'er'body (or however you spell that) just lurves their stupid, annoyingly optimistic T-shirts with that stupid guy in his beatnick beret and Lennonesque sunglasses, not to mention his disturbing stick figure feet.

I think the fact that no one who wears those sorts of cranium accessories (thanks, Mitch Hedberg) would ever be as smiley and laid back is pretty clear. That they utilize that awful "faded" looking fabric that makes everyone who wears it look like a tourist is bad as well. But mostly, I just hate that fucking logo guy and his insipid smile. Now, no one I know, being in our 20s and 30s and still at least semi-conscious of being fashionable, would think of wearing this stuff (even my parents wouldn't, honestly, and they're both pushing 60). This is for people who have stopped trying.

So anyway, I was walking down Boylston Street the other day, within spitting distance (for me, at least) of the brand's store on Newbury, when I saw a woman wearing a shirt with this logo:

Knowing that Life is Crap is out there, parodying this hated branding makes me happy. And, oh yeah, their Crap Guy doesn't have terrifyingly detailed feet or a dumb hat. Eat that, optimists. The glass is half-fuckin'-empty!


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