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Thursday, July 10, 2008


So, I realize that I may have been inviting this, in that way where all women, everywhere invite anything by wearing a bathing suit, or a short skirt, or sweats, or a burkha.

Anyway, I decided to get some sun while during my lunch hour, so I went to the Common. Once there, I laid down my towel, somewhat gingerly removed my coverings, and enjoyed the rays in my bathing suit. And I've had good luck the other couple times I've done this in that no one had bothered me, so I figured I was okay today, especially when two girls with a similar idea plopped down not far from me. Safety in numbers, right?


Always wrong.

Anyway, I was lying out for about a half hour and it was about time to get out of the sun or risk crispiness. Despite the fact that it was pretty windy on my meandering walk over, once I got on the field it seemed a lot hotter. A lot. So I was pretty warm by the end of my stint, and I sat up. As soon as I looked around, I knew this was a mistake. Being semi-upright and opening my eyes, I made brief eye contact with a man carrying a case. He started walking over. Fuck. Just be cutting through the grass. Fuck. Too close to me for that. Shit.

Anyway, he comes over and offers me a water. I don't accept drinks from the hands of strangers and I don't accept random water from guys in the park. I may be dumb enough to have accepted a ride from a Verizon guy from Southie to Ned Devine's a few years back (what was I thinking? at least it turned out fine ... note to self, starting early never did you any favors), but putting a random drink in my hand is not something I mess with.

So, I decline saying that I don't need it. He insists. I say I have water at work. He says give it to someone else. I keep declining, he keeps extending his arm towards me, offering the bottle.

Finally I beg off enough that he leaves me alone, but holy Christ, can't a person turn down water from a stranger in a fucking park? And he looks pissed that I turned down this water, which makes me feel like an ass, but also pissed! Like, he has no right to be angry that the RANDOM girl in the camo bikini (with HEADPHONES on, I might add) turned down his offer of water! What the hell!

I hate people sometimes. And why am I such a goddamn freak magnet, also? Sigh.


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