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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Blondes

To the family of clone blondes that sat behind me on the flight yesterday: GO FUCK YOURSELVES! From your tween daughter who egged on the toddlers to the fact that you, the mom, basically avoided sitting with the kids the whole flight, to the two HORRIBLE toddlers who were THE WORST BEHAVED kids I have ever had to deal with ... well, you are terrible people and deserve terrible things. So, seriously, eat a dick or several, and may your kids be horrible to you, horrible mom. You can't tune out screaming toddlers on a plane! YOU HAVE TO QUIET THEM THE FUCK DOWN! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! (kicks my seat, touches my head, eew gross toddler germs) MOM MOM HI LISBETH! HI HI HI HI HI I WANT THIS I WANT THIS AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!

Now, I have never been particularly excited about being on planes with kids, especially since the shitting baby incident of earlier this year, as well as the flu/puking toddler incident a couple years back (at Thanksgiving, the official worst time to fly anyway), but at the end of it, I have never seen such poorly behaved children (and I'm including your tweens there, too) on a flight. I've seen them elsewhere, but closed quarters being closed, even the really crappy human beings try to keep their kidlets quiet. But you, ma'am! You didn't even make an effort. I hope you rot in your little self-made hell, because if you are letting your kids get away with screaming and kicking on a flight, and letting the older ones egg them on and on, I'm sure home life is truly awful. And you deserve it.

Thanks again for making my flight terrible,
Bostonia Rantida

P.S.-The flight was otherwise one of the smoothest I've taken in years. Between you and "sniffles" next to me, thanks for making it suck.


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