Bostonia Rantida

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bostonia Rant-date-a (groan)

For all you single Bostonians out there, I pose you this question ... how do you find dating in this city? I've not had much luck with it, frankly, and I wanted to know if that was the common experience or whether it was more of a "just me" kind of thing.

Although to be honest, it's been better this month than it has lately;)

So, what's the deal? Anybody?

I myself haven't had luck in any medium ... friends of friends, random meetings, bar meetings, roommates (I know, that wasn't a good idea), online, offline, whatever. I've had a couple non-lasting things that came from these, but nothing particularly interesting.

Just a shout out to see if anyone else has the same troubles. I guess it gets a little amplified when most of your friends are coupled off, which is my issue. Fifth wheel, represent!


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