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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dear Everyone: I Can Dress Myself

The cold part of winter is upon us, and thus brings up the ever-annoying question:

Aren't you cold?

I'm a person whose blood must run hot, because I'm almost always warm. I don't know why that is, no, but my dad is the same way. I sweat in 50 degree weather. I'm the one wearing flip flops in March.

So the fact that I continue to wear skirts all year and even sport my strappy high heels in the office, while making sense to warm little me, is too confounding for everyone else to deal with. No one can understand why I don't wear nylons. Nylons are hot when worn inside and I don't know if you've noticed, but they totally chafe a person if you sweat at all in them. It sucks.

So I never wear nylons (forget tights, not my style), and EVERYONE CANNOT UNDERSTAND HOW I CAN POSSIBLY WALK AROUND IN THE WINTER WITHOUT NYLONS. Do my knees get a little cold? Sure, sure. But it's not like nylons are even that warm, and when it's really cold, I just wear sweatpants to work and change when I get there (I don't own any dress pants -- I hate trying on pants anyway, and I haven't been able to find any cute pants in ages -- plus, skirts are way more comfy than pants to wear while sitting at my desk all day. So forget pants.

But no one will just let me be. Everyone thinks I'm some kind of retard that can't dress myself, because they're always asking, "Aren't you cold?"

No, I am not. Go fuck yourself.


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