Bostonia Rantida

Sunday, February 25, 2007

New York, New York

Back from a weekend away from Boston.

It was an interesting trip. One of my better ones in awhile (then again, it's just been quite some time since I've been down there).

I stayed at my friend's place in Hell's Kitchen last night, but had left most of my luggage at another friend's place in the East Village. So early this morning, I was taking the R train back downtown when a guy got on the train, sat across from me, and proceeded to masturbate until I got off the train.

I didn't make eye contact as my eyes were burning from, well, lack of sleep and my buddy's very hot apartment's usurping what little moisture was left in my system after several beers, so they were mostly closed. And this guy didn't have his junk out or anything, but the movement under his pants gave it away ... that, and the fact that his jacket looked to be missing an arm in one of the sleeves.

Strange. As often as I've ridden the T, I've never dealt with anything like that. Whereas the first time I came to New York (once I moved to Boston, anyway), I rode a very crowded 9 train with a friend and had my arse groped by some random dude. It was so crowded that we were wedged in pretty good and I didn't notice exactly what was happening for a few stops.

Anyway, while I was vaguely grossed out, it certainly wasn't threatening. It was 0830 on a Sunday, and there were quite a few other people in the train. I suppose my expression was one of amused derision. In a different set of circumstances I may have felt differently, but as it was, it was just another example of people being people ... and let's be fair ... people are pretty f*cked up.

After that, there was the bus ride back, and yes, I Fung Wahed. The ride was supremely uneventful, except when we got fuel at the Natick plaza and then pulled over shortly after. Why? The door hadn't shut properly. Nothing more.

So yes, I cheated death and destruction by bus (although I'm not really scared of the Fung Wah in the first place) and dodged a fellow commuter jerking off. Not bad for a Sunday afterglow.


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