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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Newbury Street Is Horrible

Seriously. BAN CARS ON NEWBURY. It's unnecessary to traffic flow, anyway. If you actually want to get anywhere, you take Comm Ave, Beacon, or Marlborough. And I'm tired of idiot girls in giant sunglasses, unnecessary leggings, and giant name brand purses (what do you call them here? pocketbooks?)/shopping bags on their arms walking around like retards who can't seem to get the fuck out of the way for oncoming pedestrian traffic. I'm actually walking with an aim girls. Get out the way. Sheesh. Half the time I end up walking in the darn street.

The douchebaggery factor on Newbury is really, really high. Like ... really high. It's almost as high as it is while I'm walking south on Tremont from the Tam on a weekend night (seriously, try it ... the jenks blocking the sidewalk down there are twice as bad as anything you'll see on Newbury ... or just more out in force). Yeah, I'm the sweats and flip flops wearing slacker, but come on! Are there actually people who like this kind of person, with his terrible spiky hair and tight T-shirts? Ugh.

Anyway, I was just walking by my salon to set up an appointment, and suddenly it was a SEA OF DOUCHEBAGGERY!

Sigh. At least I still own my own street. Lordy my.


Blogger Matthew said...

Instead of avoiding douchebags on the street, I prefer simply walking through them. I usually lead with my shoulder.

I've tired of attempting to reason with people in public places anymore. If you try to ask nicely to have some space in which to move, they either ignore you (but make it obvious that they're ignoring you), or give you the evil eye for having the audacity to suggest that they need to move for you.

I'd actually punch them, because it's less subtle and has less room for being misinterpreted as an accidental bump, but I'm not keen on being the target of assault charges.

If people won't learn how to navigate through life in a city on their own or with polite verbal help, then unfortunately they only way they will apparently be able to learn is by getting a nasty bruise.

7:20 AM  

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